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Veemala Persaud

Author/Motivational & Inspirational Speaker

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From chaos to success, this is a story of the violence and abuse I have endured. A battle of identity, sex, pain and pleasure. I am still alive, alive to share my story and to encourage others. Hopefully my story will help others avoid the pain and torture that I have miraculously survived.

The feelings and emotions within each story may cause the reader to wince, grimace, and even weep in empathy. My feelings are a smorgasbord, ranging from desperation to delight. My self-imposed mission to reveal the truth requires the depiction of each and every one of these shades of emotion.

Every day I remain tortured: you will see. I, Veemala Victoria Persaud, have inflicted deep, dark hurt on others—but never intentionally. My heart is heavy, pulled down not by the violations of body and spirit I have suffered but also by the knowledge of the undeniable pain I have inflicted on innocent and blameless others.

As you read my story, try not to judge. Wait until the conclusion of my memoir. Then and only then can you decide…