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This package is perfect for startup businesses, business owners, and entrepreneurs! It provides a "Boost" for your business products and services via daily social media promotion and advertising for 1 month TWICE PER DAY from ALL of our Social Media Pages, Groups & More! (We currently have over 35,000 combined followers!) Over the course of 30 days your business will be promoted to over 200,000 plus people!






To further help push your business via Social Media, we've included the following features absolutely FREE: One 24 hour Sponsored/Boosted/Targeted post about your business products and services, Press Release about your business in your desired location via PRLog, Facebook & LinkedIn Group Posting, and a 15-30 minute Live Interview with Hook'd-On-Promotions Host Karyne Strickland! Our team is very excited to help assist your business online! Contact us today to get started!


One Time Only Fee!

Social Media Promotion and Advertising for your business will begin 24 hours after receiving your promotional material! We can't wait to get started! 

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