Pitch Investors Live breaks the record!!

Sunday, July 28th at 9AM the record breaking Pitch-A-Thon begins. The event held entrepreneurs from all over the world LIVE on the Pitch Investors Live App. Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Inventors, Start-Ups and More were able to PITCH Investors Live via the Pitch Investors Live app. A lucky group of entrepreneurs, start-ups and inventors were able to PITCH investors from virtually anywhere in the world, while hundreds of viewers watched LIVE!

Many hopefuls waited in Que for the Ultimate chance to make their dreams come true......

Anthony Staten LIVE with Brian Harrington!

The First Pitch of the day begins....

At 12:30pm the first record is broken!

Melissa Scott LIVE with Sal Khokhar

By 5pm Gaining Momentum


They did it! Pitch Investors LIVE reached 70 pitches in 24hrs!

The most amount of pitches done in a 24 hour period for Pitch Investors Live!
Pitch Investors Live the only place where Start-Ups PITCH investors LIVE

This was such a great event! Hook'd-On-Promotions was honored to be apart of making history! Congratulations to Pitch Investors LIVE and to all the entrepreneurs, start-ups and inventors involved we wish you all the best of luck! The event may be over, but you still have the chance to PITCH an Investor LIVE! All you have to do is download the APP, register and practice your PITCH!! Learn more https://pitchinvestorslive.com


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