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Who is she? Cabrini Brock! Born in New Orleans, Louisiana to Edna Rose, Cabrini Brock has been a renowned hair stylist since 1985 and has expertise in dealing with every type of hair.

5 years ago when Cabrini’s mother struggling with cancer, she lost her hair as a result of the chemotherapy. After her death,Cabrini felt that she must do something for the women who are facing excessive hair loss and hair damaging issues.

“I believe every woman can get healthy hair and it can grow with proper care”.


Cabrini started to make exclusive hair care products that are non-toxic, made of organic elements. Some of her products are handcrafted with the utmost care. Her mission is to solve different types of hair and scalp issues with her high-performance hair care products.

Hula Hair Care is BORN!

Hula Hair Care features tons of products that show spectacular results in any circumstances. No matter what kind of trouble you are going through, you will find the correct solution to restore your hair growth and get fabulous shiny hair. 

When choosing Hula Hair Care, you pick hair care products that are best among all brands plus ensures a natural treatment of your precious hair! These products will assist you to take a step forward. There is a suitable solution for all hair types- dry, oily, damaged, dyed, straight, curly and even for children’s hair. 

Stay Brave & Elegant With Hula Hair Care By Cabrini Brock!

I Hula, Do You?

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