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What does daily promotion mean?

Do you really promote your clients who have the "Company Package PLUS" for one whole year?

Daily promotion means that we will promote your business at least once on one of our Social Media Platforms, Groups, etc! (Tuesday - Saturday) 

Absolutely! All clients under our "Company Package PLUS" are promoted daily for an entire year!

When can I take advantage of the features in the "Company Package PLUS"?

At your convenience! Whenever you're ready your Live Interview, Blog Feature, Press Release, Facebook Boost, etc..Just let us know and we'll schedule it and get it done :)

How many New followers, Engagements, Likes, and Sales will I get from using your service?

When will my Promotion start after the transaction is complete? 

What type of Businesses do you promote?

We do not guarantee any particular number of increased Followers, Engagements, Likes, or Sales. The only thing that we can guarantee is that your business will be promoted Daily. (Tuesday - Saturday) 

We will begin promoting your Business within 24 hours of receiving your promotional material!

Our motto is - You Name It, We Promote It! We promote ALL Business types! (No violence or nudity)  

The "Company Package PLUS" is $39.99? Why so low?

Do you provide the content?

How many Free Flyer & Slide Show Designs do I get?

Our #1 goal is to make daily Social Media Promotion affordable for ALL business owners & entrepreneurs! no matter what level you're on! We're here for YOU! 

Clients are responsible for providing promotional material for us to promote & market, if you do not have any content we are able to create flyers & slideshows to assist free of charge. 

We will provide 5 FREE Flyer or Slide Show Designs - Once used up, it becomes $5 per Flyer and Slide Show Design.

What can I expect from your 'Company Package PLUS' Promotional Package?

What can I expect from your Social Media Management Service?

Recent Updates & Changes

  • Saturday's are now designated for scheduled Live Promotion & Live Audio Ad's only.

  • Monday's are our Updates & Maintenance Day - During this time we will only focus on Flyer & Slideshow designs for our Clients, updating promotional schedules, updating our website, editing our Clients action plans & more!

  • Recurring Social Management payment options are now available!

  • (10/15/2019): Client 'Cover Changes' will now count towards 'Daily Promotion'

  • (3/2/2020) : We will be closed for Spring Break March 16th - 20th!


  • (3/23/2020): "1 Ad a Month" has been removed from the 'Company Package PLUS' Social Media Promotional Package. For this inconvenience, ALL Hook'd-On-Promotions Clients will receive 2 additional FREE digital flyer designs!

Increased Social Media Presence for your Business, Daily Social Media Promotion for your Business for 1 full year! (Tuesday - Friday), increased following to your Business Social Media pages ('likes', followers, etc..), Ads posted about your Business in Facebook groups with THOUSANDS of potential customers weekly! increased engagements, Live Interview, Press Release, Blog Feature, Facebook Business Page Boost, TONS of re-sharing of you posts! FREE digital flyer designs, FREE Slide Show Designs 

Daily posting to your preferred 3 Social Media Platforms (Monday - Friday), content creation, messaging to potential customers, Social Media Page updating, 24/7 customer support, assisting with building your Business Social Media presence!  

** Our Social Media Promotional Services does NOT provide Instant/Fast results! Building social media awareness for your products & services often times takes time, BUT we are going to help you push every step of the way! We are now apart of your Social Media Promotions Team! We're here for YOU! :)

*Our services are tailored for Startup Businesses & Small Business Owners

*We are a Social Media Promotions & Advertisement Company